Innovative Approach


Mayra leverages with longstanding relationships to offer many gratifying contractual/project based assignments with leading international and national companies for our Contractual Employees.

Broad Employment Benefits with Mayra

  1. We assure great pay rates to our employee's often with paid overtime.
  2. A 10 days paid holiday per year after six months of employment which will increase according to length of service.
  3. Tax-free commuting allowance for our Trained Contractual Team Members.
  4. Facilities including, special rate education courses to our outstanding Contractual Employees.

Extra Benefits of Professional Contracting

Door Open to Become Confirm Employee

Many employers convert temporary staff to permanent employees. Approximately one in four of our contract employees are offered permanent positions during the course of their assignments.

Instant Reward

Contractors receive remuneration for the work they perform, with wages typically calculated per hour with additional overtime payments.

Learning New Skill

Contracting may offer you exposure to a variety of roles, organisations and sectors. With every assignment you experience new working environments and challenges which make you work in multitasking role.

Flexible Work Tenure

Contract lengths typically range from minimum 2 to 12 months, with many contracts extended on a rolling basis. Contractors may choose to take career breaks between contracts to travel or take care of family commitments before seeking their next contract role.

Cultural and Organizational Exposure

By experiencing different companies, you will be able to identify which working environments and organization cultures suit you the best.