Innovative Approach


Empowering Women in the workplace demonstrates our support of diversity within the workplace and aims to connect female professionals of 21st century. Mayra emphases on women to grow and became self-dependent in the corporate environment and face the world with full confidence.

Talent Strategies for Future Women

Businesses sprint by the brilliant work-force but future is daunting due to global talent shortages. The leaders are introducing new ways of engaging and developing the business through professional skilled people who are hope of business. Corporate houses are investing in their people, but neglecting to address the issues of why women are leaving the workforce, and why women continue to be underrepresented in business at the senior level. The issue is no longer why women are exiting as a workforce but rather what can employers do to attract and retain talented women in their business. Research done on almost 500 working women professional explores the effectiveness of current strategies to empower and advance women in the workplace on looking at areas such as flexible working, mentoring, leadership and even asking women what constitutes a successful career which showed the following outcomes.

  • 78% of women believe that employers should have a clear approach to diversity on board level.
  • 86% of women surveyed say gender diversity policies are important. Yet four in ten believe their employer does not have a clear gender diversity policy.
  • 37% of women surveyed say fulfilling and rewarding work is their top career priority.
  • 26% of women say improved work-life balance is the number one reason they would change jobs. However, a more fulfilling job, bigger salary and better career development are almost as likely to be the main factor when changing jobs.
  • 53% of women who took a break from their career felt they were disadvantaged when they returned.
  • 97% rank pay, work-life balance and fulfilment at work as important for job satisfaction. 91% say a collaborative and ethical workplace also matters to them.
  • 52% of women surveyed believe difficulty returning to work after having children is one of the main reasons women are underrepresented on leadership role.
  • 44% of women in a survey found they would change jobs to find an employer with a better maternity policy.
  • 50% of women surveyed believe family pressures or commitments outside of work hold women back.
  • 77% of those surveyed believe women are underrepresented in business leadership. Over four in ten say they lack strong female role models at work.
  • 80% of women surveyed think mentoring programmes are an effective strategy to build gender diversity.
  • Eight in ten women rank flexible working options for parents as important. Over nine in ten women say a clear path to career progression is important at work.
  • 89% believe personalized development plans are important to help them succeed.

The above data showed depressive figure on gender and diversity approach in talent acquisitions, so Mayra will be a platform to bridge the gap of talented work-force in corporate world.

Women Can Also Succeed in a Career of Technology

Working in technology will almost inevitably mean working in a male dominated environment. This may feel alienating but it also gives female professionals the chance to make their spot. Being willing to speak up is essential, and developing positive relationships with your colleagues and support from colleagues, particularly senior staff, can make all the difference in ensuring that voice is heard.

Technology offers both challenges and opportunities for women who make it their field of choice. "Accepting change is good, but embracing change is the quality that successful technology professionals share. It is also vital to learn the nuts and bolts of how the business operates for women as well as developing technical knowledge of your field.

Women needs to take extra effort on the issues which does not fall under your direct responsibilities so that you can meet with other teams and departments to develop a well rounded view of the company. Women needs to adapt quickly the tech environment as by nature technology is a constantly evolving and changing industry, so women professionals need to be prepared and become accustomed quickly.

Guidelines for Women Making Headway in a Career

Uncertainty over how to balance work and family life is one of the biggest concerns among female professionals who aspire to senior roles. However, many professional women who secure senior roles are able to balance a fulfilling family life with a successful career.

Seeking advice from these professionals can be the best way to understand the strategies they used to succeed. Finding a mentor or sponsor in a senior role can help you in a number of ways such as:

  • Providing support and advice when applying for promotions in a company
  • Offer advice on how to progress in your respective career
  • The mentor put you forward for new projects or challenges
  • Help you gain an awareness of the business at a senior level

Male senior managers can also offer much of the same support in parallel to women in senior roles. Women are advised not to bind in building relationship solely with sponsors who work in the same field. Senior staff from a range of backgrounds will have experience of a different career path that could still yield important lessons. They are also likely to have a broad contact network and can open doors to others. There is no need following a single mentor either. Increasing these kinds of relationships with colleagues at different stages of their careers will ensure that you have the broadest range of advice and support to get benefitted. If your first contact is unable to help you with a particular challenge, ask them if they can introduce you to one of their contacts who might be better placed to offer guidance.