About Mayra


Permanent Employee

The employee's of this section are permanent and on the payroll of Mayra Business Services Pvt. Ltd., the employee will get all the benefits according to Indian MNC standard, with flexibility of work of their own choice. The specialised team of Mayra are the best asset of the organization and are pillar of the organization. The team are treated as a foundation brick of the Mayra Building, as we all believe in the concept of world as ONE BIG FAMILY.

The polished permanent employee's of Mayra are from a diverse educational background and have assorted industry expertise in their professional career. They regularly facilitate our patron's requirement with delicately and resourcefully.

Contract Employee

The Contract employee of Mayra is a very positive feature for our organization they are treated as good as a permanent employee with getting parallel majority of benefits of Mayra's permanent employee. The Expert team of Mayra initially trained and nurture these people to get in character of a permanent employee. The contract period is almost training and evaluative period for employee's so they can understand the business model of our organization. The contract phase also teaches about our esteemed patrons business and hiring model so that they get to know about the candidate's fitment for a special role.

Temporary Employee

The temporary work-force of Mayra has a specific feature as they are treated on the concept of Push-Motivation to Get Rewarded. This innovative concept is a driving force for the temporary employee's of Mayra. According to this concept the employee’s are pushed and rejuvenated everyday to work more in terms of hour so that they can earn more and get rewarded of the different exclusive packages of the organization designed from time to time. It is also an entry platform for any employee who wants to associate with Mayra organization.