Innovative Approach


Mayra contract teams are specialists in sourcing temporary staff that fit your company's unique requirements. We help sustain businesses of all kinds profited from a flexible workforce.

Our teams in New Delhi provide temporary and permanent recruitment solutions across a number of disciplines including Finance and Accounting, IT, Healthcare, BPO Agent Hiring, Mass/Campus Recruitment, Supporting New Startups Business and Human Resource and Administration.

Benefits of Being Flexible- Through Employer's Perspective

Temporary Cover

A temporary resource can help ease the workload during busy periods, projects or product launches, sickness or maternity cover. This flexibility allows your business to operate productively with minimal disruption.

Budget Flexibility

Employing temporary resources allows businesses to efficiently manage staffing levels and budgets and rapidly adapt to changing workflows.

Accessing Specialized Skills

Experienced contractors provide businesses with skills and knowledge gained from a variety of companies and assignments.

Staffing Options

Contractors provide employers with the flexibility to manage heavy or fluctuating workloads despite uncertain demand or permanent headcount freezes.

Speed of Response

Many temporary staff is immediately available without having to serve the notice required by permanent employees.

Accommodate Diversity

Employer should accommodate diversity when it comes to working, thinking and interacting with others. Different religions, diverse culture, has made the world to think and practice and include diversity in their business by employing diverse readily work-force.

Benefits of Being Flexible- Through Employee's Perspective

Work-Life Balance

Embrace the change rather than resist, whileyou may need to be flexible and respond to emails during your evening hours, you can also use this flexibility to your advantage. Personal needs once relegated to weekends alone can be addressed more easily since we are always connected, in and outside of the office.

Valuable Asset

Today's work environment is fluid above and beyond those employees who are able to adapt to shifting priorities are considered a valuable asset. BPO industry is the latest example of working in shifts.

Workplace Flexibility is a Major Motivator

According to a recent survey on workplace flexibility, says that 65% of organizations work culture has an extremely positive impact on employee engagement, motivation, and satisfaction. At the same time, research also showed that nearly 89% millennial would prefer to choose when and where they work over being placed in a 9-to-5 position 45%select workplace flexibility over better pay. You have the power to motivate employees with a dispensable resource.

Digital Tools Bridge the Line between Work and Life

President Obama recently stated, "Most of our days consist of work, family, and not much else, and those two spheres are constantly interacting with each other." I agree it's okay for your employees to do a little work at home, and a few of life's tasks at work. Employers should take advantage of these unclear lines by equipping workers with the secure technology required to work from wherever, at any hour. If managers stay ahead of the curve, they can manage the flexible workplace while keeping workers happy and productive.

Why Partner with Mayra Contract Teams

  • Mayra is focused on understanding your business. Every candidate we present is interviewed and assessed by our experienced consultants, ensuring we provide candidates that fit your organizational culture and diversification.
  • Our fully technology equipped contract administration and recruitment team provides a professional and efficient payroll services to our esteemed patrons.
  • Our consultants access one of the largest databases in India for professionals seeking temporary, contract and interim roles across all professional sectors.
  • We provide a fast and efficient service, reducing the period of time you are without an employee and maintain the productivity of the organization.