Campus hiring is the most effective medium to recruit fresh graduates from different institutes. In India each year about 800 organizations hire more than 100,000 graduates from 3500+ colleges across the country. Campus hiring build brand name among the top colleges in the country and capture fresh talent to the company.

Campus recruitment can be better understood as any effort made by prospective employers to recruit students from their college campuses, usually prior to graduation. Employers use campus recruitment as a tool to attract and screen students for a variety of role both as interns and as full-time employees. Business houses are typically the most active recruiters through this channel. However, government agencies, and non-profit organizations also engage in campus recruiting. Finance, technology, and consulting are the big players recruiting through campus. Campus recruitment takes the form of small events sponsored by one or a few industry representatives in some cases. In other cases, industry and school collaborate to arrange campus-wide job fairs that attract many potential employers.

Mayra team of campus recruitment cell explore the opportunity in a tailored and scientific manner for our esteem patrons. We are committed to provide the best fresh graduates for your organization to become one of the biggest assets for your company. We believe that acquiring great talent is the only way a company can stay ahead of competition, and this is what drives the war for talent, played out in the country's B-school, engineering college and graduate school campuses year after year. Therefore, we collaboratively work with academic institutes on having known for premier taglines. We produce the fresh technical graduates for our Manufacturing and IT verticals.

The team of Mayra campus hiring recruit a talent that is not just technically sound but also has the ability to think through situations, apply logic to come up with solutions. We focus and value grounded people, who strive to explore and learn, while not being afraid to be themselves; these are the core behavioural aspects should be integrated in an individual.